Software Developer

PDF SDK for Programmers:

PDF SDK for software developersWith our diverse solutions, you can do much more than just create, process and view PDFs. With the PDF Xpansion Software Development Kit,  developers benefit from experience of more than 10 years now. The current version is PDF Xpansion SDK 12. It gives software developers the tools they need to implement a broad set of PDF functionality into their applications. Implementing PDF functionality into Windows Store apps  and ZUGFeRD solutions are also possible with the PDF Xpansion SDK.

CAD Xpansion SDK – library for developers mainly of CAD, CAM PDM and CAE solutions. It implements functionality  to export existing 3D objects into universal data exchange formats: STL (for 3D printing), STEP and IGES.

Perfect PDF is a registered trademark of soft Xpansion.

Business Solutions

Server, Network, DMS:

PDF solutions for business usersFor companies that want to work with PDF files professionally by centralizing the conversion and the distribution of documents across their internal networks, we offer a line of high-performance programs and solutions. With PDF Render Center, you can convert documents on a server into standardized formats (PDF and PDF/A) and efficiently organize your workflow.

Network licenses enable the efficient integration of the Perfect PDF® & Print product family into your company’s network. Moreover, soft Xpansion offers DMS solutions for the EMC Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco platforms as well as multiplatform solutions with APIs for integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Home & Small Business

PDF for Consumers & SMEs:

PDF as for kidsYou want to create, convert, edit or annotate PDFs, but you don’t have the corresponding program installed? With our Perfect PDF® & Print product family, working with PDFs is foolproof. Our programs offer all the features you need to edit, design and convert PDFs.

PDF Apps für Windows 10 in Windows Store: Perfect PDF® apps to convert, edit, combine, annotate or sign PDFs and to set their security properties (e.g. user persmissions, encryption and decryption).

Check out our Perfect PDF® programs and other applications in the soft Xpansion online shop!

PDF Xpansion SDK supports Universal Windows Platform

UWPPDF Xpansion SDK 12 – new generation, compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Store applications.

PDF Xpansion Reader – free, light and especially for the Windows Store – PDF Xpansion Reader for your Windows tablet PC and smartphone!

Perfect PDF® – fast, user-friendly application family for viewing, editing, printing and converting high-quality PDF, PDF/A and XPS documents across platforms and devices.

 Reference Customers & Details on the PDF SDK

By the way: major companies like HUK-Coburg, ThyssenKrupp, Bundesdruckerei (German Federal Printing Office) and many others are satisfied customers of PDF Xpansion SDK who have enjoyed their diverse advantages for years. Thanks to our flexible pricing, you only pay for the PDF Xpansion SDK components that you actually need, saving you significant money. If you have any questions about how to use the PDF SDK or which components are right for your needs, just contact us.

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