PDF Xpansion SDK, Version 8

New version available!

PDF Xpansion SDK 11 – the new generation of PDF libraries on the basis of PDF Xpansion technology – also for Windows RT and tablets! Clear structure, numerous new functions as for example PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. The PDF Xpansion SDK grants you a development platform and API and makes it possible to create powerful PDF/XPS applications and/or software solutions.

Royalty free! Read about license models and prices in PDF Xpansion SDK Guide.

PDF Xpansion SDK – A Wide Palette of Libraries

DownloadPDF Xpansion SDK

The abilities of the PDF Xpansion SDK have grown greatly as our PDF Xpansion technology has evolved. It now does far more than just supporting documents in the PDF format.

Actual version:

Please download the trial version and test it yourself! The trial version has a three-month time limit and all PDFs created with it will have a DEMO watermark. After three months you can download and test the next, updated trial version.

Besides PDF documents, the SDK also supports the XPS and XFA formats. Converting between different formats is possible and it supports barcodes in various formats. The SDK also includes a library for using smart cards for signing PDF documents. All of these components are not only included in the PDF Xpansion SDK, they’re also fully integrated in such a manner that developers can easily and effectively combine them in their work. In order to make it easier to find the right tool for the job, the PDF Xpansion SDK is divided into libraries. The libraries can be licensed individually. In other words, you only pay for a license to the library or libraries that you really need. Download and test the complete PDF Xpansion SDK with a trial license and many samples for different development platforms.
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 PDF Xpansion SDK Libraries and Extensions:

PDF Document Library - Primary PDF Processing Library

PDF Quick Viewer- Complete PDF Viewer in a Window

PDF Rich Edit - Page Content Object Model - Page Editor

Other Libraries


Consult the PDF Xpansion documentation for more information:

PDF Xpansion SDK Guide

PDF Xpansion SDK Guide

PDF Xpansion SDK Programming Reference




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