Family Tree Explorer Premium – The Genealogy Software for Experts

Ancestry research – with Family Tree Explorer Premium!

Ancestry Research - with our Genealogy Software Family Tree Explorer

Family Tree Explorer Premium is a genealogy software allowing you a structured documentation and presentation of your family history – without virtually any limit. It is a professional assistant to compile information and to visualize the corresponding results. For example, each degree of relationship can be displayed and any desired amount of people can be added to the family. Images, audio and video files, scanned documents, family crests, and annotations make your presentation more lively and complete it.

Print your family trees with professionally designed background graphics, create lists of people (family members or witnesses) or ancestors and descendants diagrams. The efficient search function with many parameters enables you to find a person with all detailed information in the family tree database very easily.

Features of the genealogy software

  • All features of Family Tree Explorer, plus the following
  • Day-to-day notification: anniversaries of events for the family members
  • Online Map Service connection to OpenStreetMap (requires internet connection)
  • More reports, lists and diagrams
  • Save diagrams as images (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF) and PDF files
  • Save reports as RTF and PDF files
  • Create presentations in large formats up to DIN A0
  • Family Tree Explorer Viewer (free, separate application) – give this program to your family members, friends or other people for them to see the results of your family research without having the Standard or Premium editions  installed
  • Import and export data from/to other genealogy programs via the GeDCom Format
  • Add numerous events for the family members plus annotations, media files, sources and witnesses data
  • Present your research results in various reports, diagrams and illustrated family tree graphics
  • Coherence and plausibility check for data like dates for birth, death or marriage
  • Powerful search function helps you to find people quickly even in large families
  • Automatic update function (requires access to the internet)
  • Extensive program guide

Find an advanced List of all features below.


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Single-user license 39.99 €
System requirements:
  • Windows compatible computer
  • 800 MB HDD
  • Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8.0 / 7
Requires a product activation

Copyright German Edition of the Genealogy Software Family Tree Explorer by United Soft Media Verlag

Advanced List of Differences between Viewer, Standard and Premium Edition

The Viewer is a program that owners of the Premium edition may distribute for free. It can be used to display the family data created with the Premium and Standard editions.

Family Tree Explorer - Differences between Standard and Premium Edition of the Genealogy Software